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Helen Henderson announces the release of London on July 8th 2016- a collection of beautifully crafted, honest folk /rock offerings penned and recorded in London in the 70s' capturing the special time and energy of a bygone era. Arriving in London with just fifty pounds in her pocket Helen was signed to Ensign Records by Nigel Grainge. The album features some of Londons top session players of the day and captured the attention of Geffen Records in Los Angeles.The only other artist on Geffens new label was John Lennon. Henderson flew to LA in November 1980 to meet with Geffen , only to be stalled and deeply shocked by the death of John Lennon on December 8th. 

Henderson recalls "Rock and Roll suffered a huge blow. Nothing would ever be the same. My world turned upside down. As the dust settled, I put down roots in LA."  Henderson rewrote 'River' and 'Chameleon Woman' in LA , and re recorded them plus  'Anyones Baby' at Phantom Vox Studios in Hollywood with such esteemed LA musicians as friend and guitarist Doug Pettibone. "It was challenging but gratifying to revisit the songs here in LA and breathe new life into them," says Henderson. The songs on London have a pure, uncontrived quality and conjure the likes of Sandy Denny,  Sharon O'Neill, and Chrissie Hynde. 

London wil be available for purchase from July 8th on iTunes  and all good didital outlets. Physical copies will be available on Bandcamp and CDBaby.

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